Art Prints And Large Format

Imagine being able to print high resolution photos on very large pieces of paper and then hanging these in frames instead of having to actually buy painted art. Not only is the end result impressive, but these prints can be quite profitable if marketed correctly. These art prints do require a large format printer, however these have their own problems when it comes to maintenance and it equipment disposal and recycling. 

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Why Printers For Replica Art?

A person looking at this type of business venture for the first time might be curious why customers would buy large art replicas from a private printer. They might buy a replicated painting that even facsimiles the paint using robotic arms. While these are more realistic and attractive, they are more expensive than large prints, and these also look attractive in appropriately sized frames.
A person who purchases a large format printer will at first pay a good sum of money, but these printers tend to be robust. As long as they see plenty of use within their lifespan, they might repay the owner in both commercial and internal printing endeavors. The same machine that can make a convincing art replica can also be used to manufacture a company magazine or even magazines for sale.

The Reality of Disposing of Large Equipment

The technology is quite impressive, although there is the issue of ethical IT equipment disposal. Many jurisdictions do not have regulations on what what types of medium-sized printers can be sent to the dump. A major city might look hard at a large printer and ask what types of metals and chemicals are inside. Disposing of steel components and ink are ethical and maybe legal issues.
It is a large piece of equipment to get rid of. It might take two people to fit it into a back seat as it might not even fit into the trunk of a regular vehicle. These large format printers are not usually as heavy as a chest-high office printer, but they are heavy enough to be of concern when it comes to disposal.

Calling The Experts For Disposal

The good news is that there are companies that are eager to take used or old equipment and either recycle them or hand them over to refurbishing plants. The good news is that used equipment can actually be disposed for a return rather than a fee. It depends on the manufacturer and the lifespan of a printer, but these are usually designed to last longer than a shelf personal printer.


The advantage of calling a specialist for IT equipment disposal is that they know just what to do and how to move it. They can disassemble a composite piece of equipment and can move anything that is heavy and box-shaped. They can usually identify the job at a glance and have moving trolleys and a truck available. For recycling, they know who to send it to. The old printers might be taken apart for scrap metal, and the parts exposed to ink are cleanly recycled.